The UNIVERSITY OF SOCIAL SCIENCES is one of the most experienced and largest private universities in Poland with more than 25 years of experience. It offers education on undergraduate, graduate, MBA and PhD levels in major cities in Poland and in the branch campus in London. We offer also the opportunity to finish an American Master degree program with Clark University (USA). In the educational rankings, published by the influential national magazines the University is placed very high. There are 25 departments, including Culture Studies, Educational Science, Psychology and Sociology that will contribute their experience to this project.

SAN provides high-quality education to students from all over the world. Their offer also includes MBA and PhD studies and a unique American Master’s degree program in cooperation with Clark University. Their goal is to equip students and graduates with specialist knowledge and practical skills needed in the 21st century’s labour market, both at the local and international levels. The intellectual and personal growth of students is enhanced by a wide variety of educational programs and extracurricular activities. They believe that intellectual growth must be accompanied by the development of values, the cultivation of responsible independence, and the appreciation of a range of perspectives. The university maintains a national and international character, attracting high-caliber students and faculty from all quarters of the globe.

Spoleczna Akademia Nauk




Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University (ALKU)

La Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University (ALKU) was established in 2015 as a State university in Alanya.  ALKU aims to provide qualified higher education in an international learning environment.  With its eight faculties (Business, Engineering, Medicine, Education, Tourism, Sport Sciences, Health Sciences, Dentistry), three graduate schools (Sciences, Social Sciences, Health Sciences) and five vocational schools, the university offers variety of associate degree, undergraduate and graduate programs.

With approximately 13,000 students, the university has been growing rapidly since its establishment; this year two new undergraduate programs in English (Food Engineering & English Language Education) will start and several other programs are to be opened soon. For more information, please visit:

Adapting universal values, centering a management philosophy aimed at creating good for humanity, participating into the endeavors of better education, research and social-cultural activities, trying to solve problems by using its intellectual and scientific capacity, focusing primarily on educating qualified individuals, giving priority to the region as well as country needs, as a university pioneering and leading to provide sustainable development and solutions to problems in order to improve the welfare and peace in the society.

Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University





Innovaform Nonprofit Ltd

Innovaform Nonprofit Ltd is an education centre that specializes in relational and communicational aspects of organizational life. We combine different complementary experiences developed in the context of various European and international activities.

Besides our education and training programs our company has set a goal to increase the competitiveness in the market for consultancy services and partnerships by constantly offering better more complex and customized services for the economic and social actorsthrough different programmes, projects. Through our wide network, we create, develop and implement innovative approaches in the field of education with the help of our highly qualified expert team from different fields of knowledge. We do believe that a well-structured education system can deal with a problem of rising level of unemployment due to premature school leaving and adult workers with low skills.

Our main services are:

  • Human resource management
  • Consultation to organizations, teams, groups, communities or individuals
  • Special technical assistance for international cooperation initiatives
  • Competency development
  • Education and trainings

We have three main centers: 1. Training Center, 2. International Center, 3. Youth Center

We, at Innovaform do believe that skill and knowledge development is not sufficient for a healthy, productive and positive lifestyle therefore we involve and organize sport events, in our program, too as awareness- raising activity on the value of sport and physical activity.

Our goals are to:

  • Deliver projects with very usable UX (user experience) to help any end users even the likes of analysts, students or other partners
  • Bring companies close to their customers by developing targeted applications


Our creative team is responsible for delivering PR and marketing campaigns.

We have contact with youth, since we operate a practitioner programme for university students.

Innovaform Kozhasznu Nonprofit KFT





ProMAs is a teachers’, engineers’ and trainers’ association with the main aim to facilitate access to learning as a way to enhance life quality. Our members are involvedinadult education and they are VET- certified as Trainers, Trainer of trainers, Specialists in Quality Systems, experienced in international multidisciplinary research projects.

Our members collaborate with the social, educational and professional institutions, adult training centresof the region in the field of promoting innovativemethods, in the use of mentoring to provide knowledge and key competences.

Our organization has expertise in the following areas: dissemination and valorisation, development of e-learning content, interdisciplinary training and research,blended learning, mentoring, testing the contents in pilot trainings. We provide all the project’s target groups: adults, youngsters, trainers, decision makers, indirect project beneficiaries. We have organized starting with 2007 many local, regional and national activities such as Conferences and Symposiums. ProMas organised Campaigns on different subjects: discrimination related to ethnicity, gender, religion, xenophobia, disability and integration of disabled people, educational management, active communication, active life, healthy life, violence and domestic violence, safety in work, intercultural education, career planning.

The ProMAs’ members have experience in EU cooperation (as partner/promoter) in EU Programs: +20 Programs: +20 SOCRATES GRUNDTVIG LLL, 4 COMENIUS, 1 COMENIUS Multilateral, 3 LEONARDO TOI, 2 LEONARDO placements & mobility, 2Erasmus+ projects. We had in our projects an active role in: studying how the project will answer the acquisition of key competences for lifelong learning which are crucial for success, e-learning platform testing, designing and implementing the dissemination and valorization strategy, preparing of experimental transfer activities of the project’s resources, designing and implementing the internal project’s evaluation.

Asociación de Gestión de Proyectos



IES Ribeira Do Louro (IESRdL)

The IES Ribeira Do Louro (IESRdL) is a secondary education school which provides general education, vocational training and adult education courses. It is placed in Porriño (Pontevedra) in the southwest of Spain, next to Vigo. IESRdL has approximately 700 students and 80 teachers and provide, amongst other specialist courses, Advanced Level Training courses in International Trade, Administrative and Financial Management and Telecommunication Systems and Information.


The school has a wide experience in implementing European research and mobility projects. IES RdL has participated, both as promoter/coordinator and partner, in different projects under Lifelong Learning Programme, Leonardo da Vinci and Socrates Programme, Interreg and other national projects. Furthermore, IES RdL has been participating in mobility projects since 1996, as host and sending organisation. It has carried out more than 400 students and teachers placements under Lifelong Learning Programme and Regional Government mobility projects. IES RdL has also participated in an Interreg III in 2001/2004–PPIER.

Amador Ordóñez teacher in International Business with an economics background. With a large experience in coordinating European projects from 1996.He was coordinating EMPORT –Improve Employability and Enhance European Competitiveness through the Acquisition of Language and Cultural Competences in Portuguese, and ARBAX project, related to prevention of bullying ( Has been coordinator in different projects where was developed language courses, please, checking (Multimedia Chinese course) and (4 initial level language courses, English, Spanish, Romanian and Portuguese for immigrants). He has also coordinated two different projects related Roma people (gypsies), Travelcom where was developed a Commerce and Marketing course to improve the competencies of gypsies and travellers in order to improve access and permanence in labour market and in 2000 coordinated a Comenius 2 project titled “New tools for training travellers” where was developed a Mathematics and Language course for primary education. He has coordinated Romaninet project which has developed a multimedia language Romani course which has been approved under LLPTransversal Programme –Multilateral –Key  Activity 2.

IES Ribeira do Louro