Within the scope of our project, need analysis, career planning guide and mobile application towards of employees will be developed. First of all, a literature review and survey will be conducted on the subject of career planning. Then, based on the results of the needs analysis, a career planning guide at three levels will be prepared. And then, the mobile application will be developed on the basis of the career guide.


The career guide and the mobile application to be prepared within the scope of the project will be for the use of all employees and the individuals who are going to enter into the working life. The career guide will be prepared in a way that it will comprise the following three levels: the initial, intermediate and advanced career planning. The mobile application will be prepared based on this guide to be produced.

Career Planning

Career Planning Guide



The mobile application will comprise the options of initial, intermediate and advanced levels as well. The users will select a level based on their current status, and then carry out their career planning. For instance, a newly employed individual will select the initial level in order to develop his/her career plan. Likewise, an employee at the expertise level will select the intermediate level, and a director will conduct his/her career planning by selecting the advanced level in the mobile application.

You may download the mobile application from this link

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